One Year® Thru the Bible Devo App Reviews

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No way to contact creator of this app. Stuck in new living translation which is the weakest questionable translation there is. No place to get your usual Old Testament reading, New Testament reading Psalm and proverb altogether. One of the most convoluted and confusing apps I have ever used. Too bad it involves the Bible. Anyone out there from the creator of this app willing to give me some actual tech-support?

Great app

I have found the app a great Bible study tool. My personal favorite so far is "Praying through the Bible." I also like "Through the Bible" Veerman as well (he wrote one of the best books Ive read on applying the Bible and worked on Life app Bible I think) although the reading portions are lengthy and you dont get to NT until later in the year. Praying through the Bible uses the original one year Bible schedule which I like better. The note taking tool is excellent as well.

Great Way to Read Through the Bible in One Year

Provides text for each day, moving through the entire Bible in one year. Devotional accompanies each day, pulling from a portion of the daily text. Cross-referenced passages have a direct link to the text in the verse. You can take notes within the app and retrieve them later. Very helpful app if you want to read through the Bible in one year and gain devotional insights along the way.

One Year Thru the Bible

Excellent tool for daily scriptures. Provides a wonderful daily verse and then study section on the Bible verse. With this tool I might actually accomplish daily devotional time!

Paper Reader Disappointed

Twenty years ago I purchased the paper version of this One Year Thru The Bible. My wife and I have used several versions in our reading. The paper version had readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Every verse was there. You READ thru your Bible in a year. For Christmas my wife got her own iPad. Her first request was a One Year Bible. After the download I looked over it and realized this is NOT for reading thru the Bible in one year. You get the references but not the verses! You have to go to another app if you really DO read your Bible through in one year. Could it be I am missing something? Make this a stand alone app and it will be worth the money. Otherwise, it is not worth what is charged for it!

Awesome tool!

Great for someone on the go... It helps when you need a moment out of your day to reflect and pray to God. I love it!

Love this app!

Very easy read and I love the devotional.


Always start my day with this app. Clear, concise interpretations. I highly recommend!

Great precise

I love how the scripture is at the beginning. Very applicable to today. Great devo.

Read thru devotion in one year

Love this app

Love it!

I often dont have time in the morning and use this app on my phone throughout the day.

A blessing in everyday

Helps me stay me understand My Fathers desires for me.....Bound up my heart and gave me My Fathers joy.

Excellent for a quick read!!

This book is great for a quick devotional read and it follows the bible straight thru. Im 32 and I have trouble sitting still and reading. My church (Desperation Church Cullman, AL) is really encouraging us to read the bible through this year. I have had trouble sticking with a one year bible and I have tried several times. I cant think of a better way to read the bible through in a year.

Cost me $19.98

The in App. Upgrade billed me twice. Its all good, no hard feelings. I would like to get a response from the developers or a refund of the $9.99 overcharged.

Feel duped

I own the Life Application NIV Study Bible and most of these devotions on this app are taken from the Life Application Study Bible notes...word for word. Dont know if app developers have permission to do this or if theyve plagiarized. Wish I knew this beforehand. I wouldve passed on the app.


Great biblical devotional! Spend time with God and comprehend his passages with this IPad app. HIghly recommend it! Easy going app for daily use. Just get it!!

Great App

I like this app a lot because it allows me to stay focus and read the bible daily. Also it place the word of God in a simple and understanding way. Which made it easy for me to keep reading.

Great App

Fantastic app! Use it daily. Tried many others not fit my needs. Thanks Tacarta...

Great tool!

I just love this app and use it every day! It helps me keep up with my one year bible reading plan, and each days comments are very helpful for me to get the most out of the scriptures. Thumbs up!


A great way to read through the bible.

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